I graduated with the title of professor of music and guitar teacher of the Art School No. 501 in San Nicolás de los Arroyos, the place where I live and I dedicate myself to teaching. I'm in charge of the chair of guitar at the same institution.

Over the years I had the opportunity to play many instruments of quality and comparing the different sounds to coming to the conclusion from how a good guitar of concert must sound.

For many years it was about in my head the idea of the guitar building. And so, after building my first guitar and finishing the studies of luthering, I raised the workshop to devote myself to this laborious but noble work that brings me so many satisfactions.

The wood is something magic that calls me to continuing perfecting my works.

The wood is transformed, molded, combined, it lives, it sounds...

The wood called me to do the best with it and makes me a better craftsman.