I build my guitars with the highest quality. I finish three instruments per year approximately, for that reason I put all my knowledge and art so that they are the best guitars I can build. The soundboard design has influences from Torres, Friederich and Romanillos.
Exercising as a guitar teacher has given me the experience to give an identity to the sound of my instruments. It is wide and powerful, with a remarkable balance between its fast attack bass and crystal clear highs.
Comfort to play thanks to the perfect calibration of the height of the strings. Most notable is the great timbral range that can be achieved with the right hand, which together with all its qualities make it an excellent instrument for expression.
The woods I use are Brazilian Rosewood, Indian Rosewood, Bolivian Rosewood, Cocobolo, Maple, Mahogany, Algarrobo and Guayubira for the back and sides. Spruce or Red Cedar for tops. Ebony and Guaiacum for the fingerboards. American cedar, Rauli or Maple for the neck. Brazilian Rosewood or Indian Rosewood for bridges.
The usual measurements are: Shot 650 mm. Fingerboard measurements are 52mm on top and 62mm on fret No. 12. Handle width 23mm. Distance between strings in the bone of 8.5 mm. Distance between strings on the bridge of 11.8 mm. 20 frets of German nickel silver in 2 mm. Tuning and changes according to the instrumentalist.
The finish is lacquer rubber, because it has less resistance to vibration than other industrial lacquers. This, being a natural product, is better absorbed by the wood and gives a superior finish highlighting the grain, more so when done in the mirror.
The rosette is handmade in an artisanal way. Its mosaics form the back of the "yarará", native to the coasts and estuaries of the Paraná and bears the stamp of the place where I live. It is a very laborious job and takes several days to complete. But it is the signature of the luthier and it is how my guitars are identified. Everything they represent is worth the effort. From this invoice comes a work of art and personal. Here, a sample of the work of the guitar maker.